Friday, March 28, 2014

Jalan Besar and Around

Jalan Besar
Following up to my Tiong Bahru Heritage Walking Tour article, much has been said whether Jalan Besar is a hipper place than Tiong Bahru. To compare these two places on which one is better than the other, you have to look at two important points, first is if the old historic vibe of the place is still present and second is the number of cafes that has been opening in the area. I can say that Tiong Bahru has the advantage on both. There is a distinct difference on the housing settlement in Tiong Bahru and they have maintained its old vibe and managed to introduce the hip charm while Jalan Besar is a bit chaotic because of so many constructions, commercial establishments, hostels and literally an array of hardware shops in one street.

Jalan Besar Stadium

Old building in the corner of Hamilton Road and Lavender Street

Old building in the corner of Lavender Street and Tyrwhitt Road

1931 Building in Petain Road

Allenby House in Jalan Besar
We also have to consider that Jalan Besar has a close proximity to town which makes the place a bit chaotic too. But despite that little chaos, I still have to recommend this area as a place to go for the existence of cafes such as Windowsill in the Woods, The Tiramisu Hero as well as the hipper places like Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Little Prince Cafe and Butter Studio. All of it where crowded when I visited.
Chye Seng Huat Hardware Cafe Along Tyrwhitt Road

The Little Prince Cafe at Somme Road
Holy Trinity Church in the corner of Hamilton Road and Horne Road 
Horne Road

Hawker Centre near Lavender Street


Shop houses converted to commercial establishments

Repainted old building at Sturdee Road


Jalan Besar

Jalan Besar corner Petain Road

There is still an evident presence of the old Jalan Besar charm in this area. Old buildings still stand in the area together with a line of shop houses that has been repainted and converted to commercial establishments. It may have lost it old chamr but is still a great place to find great food and coffee in that part of Singapore.

Jalan Besar area can be reach through Lavender MRT Station EW Line or Farrer Park SMRT Station NE Line.


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