Monday, December 19, 2016

National Museum, Manila, the Philippines

THIS IS A REVELATION. I have to start this really good as I must admit that I hate myself for not having been back to this place since long time ago. I studied in Manila for 4 years and worked there for about 5 years and never have I been back to this wonderful museum. I vaguely remember my school trip to this museum when I was in elementary. I could not even remember whether it was in elementary or high school but it is definitely more than 16 years since I have been to this place.

Having been to great museums in other countries, I could say that our National Museum has a great collection that shows Filipino artistry. Even though most of the great works inside this astounding place were all inspired by Western art, it is still great to see how Filipinos made so many incomparable artworks. Needless to say, the National Museum is probably the best here in South East Asia. It is a great feeling that we do not have to loan artworks from other museums just to show a great collection.

Here are shots I have taken during my visit.


One thing I would like for this museum to have is a shop. Every great museum should have a shop where you can buy reprints of these great works like postcards, folders and lithographs.

I will surely be back next year because I did not have much time on my visit.


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