Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sketches and Photographs: Kawah Putih and Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

When you are living in Jakarta, there are not many things to see and do than to go to malls and eat. Your only option, if you are not flying out, is to visit nearby provinces like Bandung, Bogor and other parts of West Java. But getting there can be hellish because the traffic that happens in Jakarta happens everywhere in this part of Java, which is just crazy traffic.

On my week-long school break, I decided to visit Kawah Putih (White Crater), one of the two craters of Mount Patuha, an active volcano located 50km south of Bandung, which is the capital of West Java. Since traffic is everywhere, I decided to get to Bandung from Jakarta by train. I left at 5:00 AM from Gambir Station and arrived at Bandung Station at 8:30 AM. From there, I took a rented car and we drove for two hours to get to the crater. There was no traffic so it was my luck day.

Kawah Putih is known for its white lake which is actually made up of sulfur deposits from the volcano. It is advisable to only stay within the crater at a maximum of 30 minutes because too much exposure to sulfur may cause dizziness or any other respiratory-related infection. Kawah Putih looks mesmerizing because it is huge and the weather is very cool. But it can be one dangerous place if there will be any volcanic activities.

There were not many tourists on weekday and even if it was a school break. I was told that it is filled with local tourists on weekends which be really painful when visiting such gorgeous looking places.

Getting up to the crater can be done in two ways. The easy one is pay 150,000 rupiah (USD 12) for you to drive your car up from the main entry. The adventurous way is to ride the local shuttle and pay 20,000 rupiah (USD 1.5). You will be welcomed with a fresh mountain breeze while seated next to mostly young local students looking for the same adventure.

An obvious human trail

And here are some of sketches I did of Kawah Putih and Bandung.


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