Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jeepney Art: Sketches

Jeepneys are one of the most evident contributions of America to the Philippines. The jeepneys that we have now were custom-built to meet the demand for public transport all over the Philippines. Although it maybe one of the major reasons for congested traffic in Metro Manila, I still find them fascinating and useful for the public.

I started this "Jeepney Art Sketches" just last month and here are the recent sketches I just finished.

Philippine Jeepney Art and Sketches: This represents the overcrowded passengers as part of their daily lives taking public transport.

Elephant Sketches

A newly finished series of sketches of elephants. I decided to make these sketches in my effort to spread awareness of the condition of the elephant named Mali that is still in the center of battle between PETA and the Manila City government running the Manila Zoo. For full story about Mali, please click on this link and you can also visit their Facebook page at :

Elephant Sketches

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery is situated in Semarang's Old Town. Housed in an old dutch building renovated for this art gallery, it is probably one of the best places in Semarang to see some homegrown artists with their art works. The art collection they have is great and very modern with its subjects despite being located in the heart of the old town of Semarang. The exhibition changes from time to time so you may check their website before visiting.

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bandung Indonesia

Here is a new photostreaming I did for my trip to Bandung last month. Enjoy...

Bandung Day Trip by Slidely Photo Gallery

Semarang and it's old charm.

Last weekend, I spent three days in Semarang, located in Central Java, Indonesia, and of course the best way to do in a trip to an old city is to do some sketching.

Some facts about Semarang:

1. It's the capital of Central Java, Indonesia.
2. Predominantly Muslim but the presence of Dutch colony was very evident in the city's old town.
3. Travelers often overlook this city because online polls says it does not have the charm that Yogyakarta and Solo has to offer. But they are wrong. It is probably one of the best preserved old towns in Indonesia. 
4. Food is great for a Filipino like me because in general, they are not that spicy and most of the food are sweet and a bit salty.
5. The city is quite clean and has wider roads which gives you less traffic.
6. The famous Borobudur Temples can also be accessed from here although with a much longer travel time compared to Yogyakarta.
7. It's the gate to other must-visit places like Candi Gedong Songo, a hindu temple on the mountainside and the town of Ambarawa, where the largest collection of steam engine trains in Asia are stored and displayed in a museum.
8. Lawang Sewu, literally translated as Thousand Doors, is one of the most magnificent old Dutch building ever built in Indonesia and has been restored for the public to see.
9. The old town is just simply mesmerizing and has different churches within it.
10. Vintage collectors will have a fiesta in several antique stores and sometimes at the flea markets in the old town.


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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reviving Escolta: The Queen Street of Manila

This weekend gave Filipino heritage lovers and alike a blast from the past as the once posh street of Manila has been revived for The Manila Street Heritage Festival. Dubbed as #SelfiEscolta event, it was organized by a group of heritage enthusiasts with a theme called "Rescue, Revive and Relive Escolta".

Escolta is Manila's luxury and fashion district in the olden days. You may compare it to what is Greenbelt, Makati or BGC, Taguig today but with the sense of neo-classical designs and art deco architecture of the collections of buildings that managed to withstand the test of time. Although some of these buildings are being touted for demolition like the El Hogar Building. Some still serves purpose for banks and other local businesses.

Paper Quilling: Elephant In A Boa Constrictor

Here is a project I forgot to post that was finished January of this year. This is a paper quilling project. Using regular craft paper (thin and soft), cut it into strips of about 2 cms., and roll and glue the edges to make equal-sized paper rolls. Rolled papers were glued together to form the elephant in a boa constrictor project.

Materials needed for this craft:

Craft papers (thin and soft sheets)
Scissors and ruler
Patterns (self-made)

I made pattern just by using PowerPoint. You can just make an estimation to see how it will look like.

Paper Quilling: Elephant in a Boa Constrictor, The Little Prince