Thursday, July 17, 2014

Semarang and it's old charm.

Last weekend, I spent three days in Semarang, located in Central Java, Indonesia, and of course the best way to do in a trip to an old city is to do some sketching.

Some facts about Semarang:

1. It's the capital of Central Java, Indonesia.
2. Predominantly Muslim but the presence of Dutch colony was very evident in the city's old town.
3. Travelers often overlook this city because online polls says it does not have the charm that Yogyakarta and Solo has to offer. But they are wrong. It is probably one of the best preserved old towns in Indonesia. 
4. Food is great for a Filipino like me because in general, they are not that spicy and most of the food are sweet and a bit salty.
5. The city is quite clean and has wider roads which gives you less traffic.
6. The famous Borobudur Temples can also be accessed from here although with a much longer travel time compared to Yogyakarta.
7. It's the gate to other must-visit places like Candi Gedong Songo, a hindu temple on the mountainside and the town of Ambarawa, where the largest collection of steam engine trains in Asia are stored and displayed in a museum.
8. Lawang Sewu, literally translated as Thousand Doors, is one of the most magnificent old Dutch building ever built in Indonesia and has been restored for the public to see.
9. The old town is just simply mesmerizing and has different churches within it.
10. Vintage collectors will have a fiesta in several antique stores and sometimes at the flea markets in the old town.


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