Thursday, April 24, 2014

When The Boa Constrictor Swallowed Something Else

What if instead of an elephant, the boa constrictor swallowed something else? Most readers of The Little Prince are fascinated with how the boa constrictor swallowed an elephant have been illustrated in the book. And also the question whether it is a hat or not. But we all think it really depends on who is looking at the picture and how one person looks at it. For me, that picture is really one of the most interesting part of the book.

Here is my funny take on the boa constrictor swallowing something else instead of an elephant.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pencils Of Promise: Dear Adam Braun

The Promise Of A Pencil
Dear Adam Braun,

I just become your greatest fan. And I call myself a fan because you are quite a rock star. I am saying this because for teachers like me, people like you are considered real rock stars. Although I am in a different setting compared to what and where the Pencils Of Promise built schools, I found myself relating to your stories from the time you began to realize that you are going to build your first school.

Your book is an admiring accomplishment of how really an ordinary person, no matter who you are, can make a big difference to the world. Every detail of every mantra in the book shows the profound drive of an ordinary individual that gives us all a definition, a path to understand and to follow in order to make a big change in the place we live in.

As I read through each chapter of your book, from your life altering journey at SAS, your riveting experiences in Guatemala, your visits to different organizations in South East Asia and up to building your very first school for the heart-warming people of Laos, I cannot help myself but stop on some of the parts and examine myself as it struck me. These are not the mantras but rather those phrases you said that made me recall how my life has been until now.

The Promise Of A Pencil

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Train Ride Story - 1

Wednesday night. Boarded a train in City Hall interchange bound home. I sat next to an Aussie family. They looked tired from a day trip and I wasn't tired considering I had a city tour by myself too. I was sitting next to the dad holding on to his son on his lap. I began to fidget on my things and became busy checking my phones. At this time I had to carry 3 phones. I checked it one by one to see if I have any messages and then suddenly the dad next to me asked "Do you have enough funds?” Surprised to be asked that way and I sort of thought he needed help on something so I said I'm sorry and I wanted to clarify what he meant. Then he said again "Do you have enough funds because I see you have 3 phones in your hand" and I was astonished of what he thought of me in that instant. I answered that I am actually a tourist as well so I had to carry extra phone for emergencies. This made me feel bad although the dad was probably just asking innocently and wondering why I'm carrying 3 phones.

Well just to give myself some credit. I never bought any of the phones I was carrying. One was borrowed (temporarily for this trip). One was from my dad (who happens to pick up that phone from somewhere and could not find the owner). And one was the one I picked up and looked for the owner, contacted the owner but never got any replies (so I considered it my own prized possession). I never bought any of these phones. I just had to use three during this time in order to save money by using prepaid cards to get in touch with my family and friends, and like I said, for emergencies as I’m travelling alone.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


When travelling, I try to send postcards to my family and friends to share with them the places I have visited. Postcards have long been disregarded by many people especially with the increase of the use of social media but there are still tourist, like me, who prefer sending postcards to let others know about their travel instead of just posting it in their social media accounts.

Here are some of picture I have taken in my travels that I believe are worth-printing on postcards. these pictures are combination of the grandeur of the entire place and some are focused on things that travelers sometimes neglect to look at. In these postcards series, the text included says a little trivia I learned about the place.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Literary Breaks | Rough Guides

Rough Guides

I just have to archive this article on Rough Guides to be a part of my soon-to-be-done journeys hopefully in the next ten years. It is just an amazing article I could not refuse on sharing it. There are certain books here that really make me want to visit these places which have served as backdrops of this literary works. I particularly want to do see the places mentioned in Holden Caufield's New York in Catcher in the Rye as well as the New York Plaza Hotel for The Great Gatsby. A journey in the Nile River on a steamboat is also a promising thing to do for the book Death in the Nile plus a visit to Florence Italy for the book A Room With A View is also on my list.

I have read some of the books mentioned here but I will definitely try and search the other books and imagine about the places which served as the settings of these great stories.

Check out this literary breaks for bookworms which is a great article you can find on Rough Guides.

Literary Breaks | Rough Guides