Sunday, April 6, 2014

Literary Breaks | Rough Guides

Rough Guides

I just have to archive this article on Rough Guides to be a part of my soon-to-be-done journeys hopefully in the next ten years. It is just an amazing article I could not refuse on sharing it. There are certain books here that really make me want to visit these places which have served as backdrops of this literary works. I particularly want to do see the places mentioned in Holden Caufield's New York in Catcher in the Rye as well as the New York Plaza Hotel for The Great Gatsby. A journey in the Nile River on a steamboat is also a promising thing to do for the book Death in the Nile plus a visit to Florence Italy for the book A Room With A View is also on my list.

I have read some of the books mentioned here but I will definitely try and search the other books and imagine about the places which served as the settings of these great stories.

Check out this literary breaks for bookworms which is a great article you can find on Rough Guides.

Literary Breaks | Rough Guides


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