Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Little Prince Book Collection

My collection of The Little Prince book in different language is not that big yet but I am very proud of what I have collected ever since I started collecting in 2012.

My very first book is of course in English edition that I got at the Powerbooks Bookstore in the Philippines last 2005. Working abroad and traveling overseas got me the chance to collect more books. Meeting fellow collectors who follow the Little Prince Official Facebook page got me more friends from other parts of the world to do book exchanges.

So here are the The Little Prince books in different languages I have so far.

English Edition - My very first Copy

English Edition
More English Edition published in India

Thai Edition

French Edition

Vietnamese Edition

Korean Edition

Japanese Edition

German Edition

Khmer Edition (Cambodia)

Slovene Edition (Slovenia)

Tagalog Edition (Philippines)

Nepali Edition

Mandarin Edition
Mandarin - Comic Edition

Bahasa Indonesia Edition

Catalan and Spanish Edition

Hindi Edition

Latin Edition

Irish Gaelic Edition

Portuguese and Italian Edition
Bikol (Philippine Dialect) Edition

Spanish Edition (Mexico, Bolivia, Chile and Bolivia)
Croatian and Italian Pocket Edition

Spanish Mexican and French Edition
Mirandes and Aragonese Edition

Bulgarian Edition

Serbian Edition
Romanian Edition
Brazilian Portuguese Edition

Turkish and Kurdish Edition
Hakka (Taiwan)
French movie-tie in edition

Italian Edition (Hardbound and Pop-up)
Bahasa Indonesia ( Pangeran Cilik )

Ancient Egyptian

Laz Ardesen
Catalan Spanish - Pocket Edition
Kurdish Kumanji (Turkey)
Ottoman Turkish
Italian - Emiliano Modenese
English (Published in USA)

English (Published in Dubai)
Chinese Edition (Multilingual with English and French, Movie Tie-in, Pop-up Book) 
English Pocket Edition

Portuguese - (Portugal)

**As of January 4, 2016, I have on my shelf 83 books in 41 Languages and dialects.

1. English - 15
2. French - 4
3. Tagalog (Filipino) - 1
4. Vietnamese - 2
5. Bahasa Indonesia - 3
6. Mandarin Chinese - 10
7. Thai - 2
8. German - 1
9. Khmer - 1
10. Japanese - 1
11. Korean - 2
12. Latin - 1
13. Nepali - 1
14. Slovene - 1
15. Irish Gaelic - 1
16. Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal)- 4
17. Italian - 5
18. Spanish (Spain) - 1
19. Catalan (Spain) - 2
20. Spanish (Mexico) - 2
21. Spanish (Bolivia) - 2
22. Spanish (Chile) - 1
23. Bikol (Philippine Dialect) - 1
24. Croatian - 1
25. Aragonese (Spain) - 1
26. Mirandes (Spain) - 1
27. Hindi (India) - 1
28. Serbian - 1
29. Bulgarian - 1
30. Romanian - 1
31. Turkish - 2
32. Kurdish (Turkey) - 1
33. Hakka (Taiwan) - 1
34. Laz Ardesen - 1
35. Ancient Egyptian - 1
36. Kazakh - 1
37. Kurdish Kumanji (Turkey) - 1
38. Ottoman Turkish - 1
39. Italian - Emiliano Modenese - 1 
40. Mingrelian - 1
41. Sanskrit - 1

Please help me collect, if you have your version of another language, I can exchange it with you with a Tagalog Version.

You can contact me at if you want to do a book exchange.

Thank you.

*update is continuous.

J Gerald C Legaspi is the Filipino author of Cuurently, I think I am the only Filipino collecting The Little Prince books. Hope to find fellow Filipinos and other nationalities too who are collectors too.

You can also join our Facebook group The Little Prince Book Exchange Group.


  1. Hi,
    I have been collecting The Little Prince books as well. Would you like to have it in Slovene?
    Send me a message to I would love to have it in Tagalong!

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes of course I'd love to get a Slovene copy. Will email you so we can discuss how we can exchange. Thanks again. - Gerald

  3. Hi,
    I have been collecting TLe Petit Prince books as well. Would you like to have it in Catalan or Spanish?
    Send me a message to I would love to have it in Tagalong!


    1. Hi there. Yes i would love to do an exchange with you as well. I will email you then so we can discuss. Thanks.

  4. Wow! Your collection is amazing!

  5. hello! I'm a filipino too and i'm just starting to collect the english versions! where did you get the tagalog version? :O i'd love to have! :)