Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: iHouse Hotel, Vientiane, Laos

So from today I am going to make reviews of the hotels I have stayed in during my trips and some other things related like coffee shops, restaurants, programs attended, transportations and so on. But I am only gonna make review if I feel like it will contribute to the readers especially those who travel on a budget yet seeking a good result from researching online with regards to their travel needs. My first review will be on iHouse hotel, a budget hotel located in Vientiane City, Laos.

Let us talk about the "goods" first.

1. It is located at Pangkham Road which is in the city centre and most establishments and tourist spots are just within walking distance. The Lao National Museum, Wat Sisaket, Ho Pra Keo and Mekong River are within quite a walking distance. Even the Talat Sao Mall and the bus station about less than a kilometer walk.
2. The hotel rents out bike for guests for 20000 kip for a full day use. But the receptionists actually recommends to walk towards Mekong River front and find some bike rental shops there where you can rent a bike for 10000 kip for 24 hours. If you borrow today, you can return it on the 24th hour the following day. They both provide locks for the bikes for your own safety.
3. Rooms are clean and decent. It is actually good enough for what you paid for either online or as a walk in guest.
4. Free flow of coffee and tea. Their coffee is really good.
5. Unlimited wifi connection in your room and in the hotel lobby and cafe.

And then here comes the "bads". We all know travelling on a budget has its own repercussions. You get what you paid for and complaining about the services won't get you anywhere.

1. Cable connection gets interrupted at night and when you ask the receptionist for help, they do not know what to do as there is only one person on duty at night. The manager can only come the following day to help you.
2. It is a five-storey building and there is no lift. I was placed at the 5th floor so I had to carry my things all the way by myself. The hotel attendant did not offer to carry my things. Again, this is what you get for what you paid for.
3. And since I was on the 5th floor, wifi connection gets slower the higher you go. Too bad they do not have wifi extender.
4. Then again, if you are on the 5th floor and you need to ask some questions to the hotel attendant, you're gonna have to walk all the way down just to say something to them.
5. Check in and check out times are strictly followed. Even though I requested for early check in, they can not give me my room unless it's 2 PM and then there is a mandatory 11 AM check out. If you miss your check out, there is a US5 penalty for every hour. Again, this is what you get for what you pay for.

The leg-biting walk up to the fifth floor of iHouse Hotel in Vientiane, Laos

The faced of the hotel which also serves as their cafe.

The great tasting coffee they offer for free.

You can access their website here:

And you can also book through . Please take note that in, they publish that it is breakfast included but iHouse does not offer breakfast at all. They do not even have a restaurant. Just the cafe in front of the hotel.



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