Sunday, July 6, 2014

Paper Quilling: Elephant In A Boa Constrictor

Here is a project I forgot to post that was finished January of this year. This is a paper quilling project. Using regular craft paper (thin and soft), cut it into strips of about 2 cms., and roll and glue the edges to make equal-sized paper rolls. Rolled papers were glued together to form the elephant in a boa constrictor project.

Materials needed for this craft:

Craft papers (thin and soft sheets)
Scissors and ruler
Patterns (self-made)

I made pattern just by using PowerPoint. You can just make an estimation to see how it will look like.

Paper Quilling: Elephant in a Boa Constrictor, The Little Prince

This project has been featured on both official Facebook pages of The Little Prince and O Pequeno Principe.


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