Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oro: A Colombian Art Invasion

In Spanish, the word "Oro" means gold. Pedro Ruiz, a Colombian artist who hailed from Bogota, introduced us to another cultural weekend at Galeri Nasional in Jakarta Indonesia. As indicated on the brochure given out at the free entry exhibit, nothing gold can stay. These paintings by Pedro Ruiz tell us that splendor is on the run, that we ourselves are on the run, that time is also a river that only in art does the river remain. It is the first of its kind that I have seen such gold painting in a canvass. The paintings have a quite similar them with a gold background paint. A man steering his boat and in each boat contains the different aspects of the human being towards life. The man represents us on how we have to move on with our lives based on what we want to carry along with us in each of our boats.

The exhibition runs at Galeri Nasional in Jakarta, Indonesia until March 17, 2014. Entrance is free.


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