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Review: Windowsill In The Woods

Windowsill In The Woods
Pies. Pies. Pies. What else is better than having a lot of dessert pies on your table with different and twisted flavors. That is what you are gonna get when you visit this quaint pie cafe along Horne Road in Jalan Besar area. Windowsill In The Woods is known for their different flavored sweet pies and tarts. They have three best-selling pies but I only managed to try one. And that is the Banana Almond Brittle. It is a combination of sweet banana, salted caramel and crunchy nuts. It is such a great combination that you will be asking for more.

Banana Almond Brittle

It is fast-becoming a trend now to see artisanal cafes popping out in shop houses in certain areas that used be to ignored by many. Jalan Besar area has a great history and you can check it at the National Heritage Board website here in case it interests you but people mostly come here to get away from the crowd in the city and to try out these really cool cafes. Not many people really want to queue up for hours in mall restaurants. Here, you do not really have to queue up. And I heard it that does not really get crowded too during peak hours.

Windowsill In The Woods 
The selection of pies

Windowsill In The Woods 

Windowsill Cafe has a great atmosphere inside. It gives you that serene vibe while eating your cold sweet pies. There is a huge teddy bear in the middle of the cafe that I wonder how many visitors have given that bear a hug and posted in on their social media. I bet that bear became another reason why people flock this place.
Windowsill In The Woods  and that Teddy Bear

The only thing I have to take note about this cafe is their coffee. Yes they do serve a good tasting coffee but I think this is the only cafe that they made me drink a hot coffee out of a glass. Most coffee shops would use a cup. I always use a cup. I guess it's their style but anyway, I did not come for the coffee. I came for the pies.
Flat White Coffee in a glass

I have the following reasons on how to tell that such cafes are really worth going no matter where the place is:
1. The food taste great which makes it worth the price.
2. You will be served well and does not require your energy to queue up.
3. When you feel like you own the place while you are eating.
4. The toilet is clean.

I have learned that the key to the success of a restaurant is to have a clean toilet. Funny but why? Because the toilet defines the hygiene of the entire place which then defines the hygiene of the people working there. When a restaurant's loo is well-sanitized, then their food is definitely clean. Not that they make the food in the toilet. I am just saying that the people's hygiene are measured by how their toilet smells/looks like. And these people are the ones making your food. So these four reasons mentioned above are what makes this Windowsill In The Woods worth going. Well of course the pies are great. Nothing can beat that.

That entry to the loo

Windowsill In The Woods opening hours

Windowsill In The Woods opening hours can be seen on the picture above. It's about 500 meters walk from Lavender Station EW Line.

78 Horne Road, Songapore 209078
Tel: 90047827

You can visit their website here.

This establishment has made it to my list of "Clean Toilet Campaign". The Clean Toilet Campaign is my search for restaurants that maintains cleanliness not just with the dining, counters and kitchen areas but also maintains a well-sanitized non-smelly toilets available for their customers use. Remember, if their toilet is clean, you can be sure that the people who cooked your food are clean too.

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