Saturday, December 29, 2012

Skiing in South Korea

I never thought I will be able to do this sport. When I was in Seoul for a Christmas Holiday, I made it a point that I will experience how it feels like skiing. We signed up with an agency that a fellow Singaporean I met in Kyung Hee University referred to us. We paid about US$80 for a two-hour beginner lesson which includes a full-day use of the ski and ski shoes. It was actually quite expensive but the four of us really wanted to have a try. From the city, we took a chartered bus and we are on our way to Jisan Ski Park.

Carrying the ski while you are on your ski shoes was just painful. it's heavy and the roads are slippery so you have to walk slowly. I think it took us about 30 minutes just to cross a 500 meter distance. Looking at the ski slope, it was very majestic. It was my first time to actually see snow-covered mountains and seeing so many people skiing. They made it look so easy but when we started the lesson, that is when I found out that skiing is the toughest sport out there ever.

The temperature was -15 C when we were having our lesson but damn I was sweating. I was sweating a lot. In the beginning, whenever I slip, it was so tough to get yourself up but later on I got the hang of it and managed to move from one point to another. Eventually we were moving up about half a meter high on a slope. Once you stand on a slope, you will slide right away so you have to be very alert. And always be on a ready position.

I think I will do this again and also try bob-sledding. But I don't think I will be doing this skiing always.


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