Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Korean Lesson Trip Program

I have been dreaming of seeing snow and experiencing winter so when I finally had the chance to make this dream come true, I was definitely uber excited and could not wait for that big day. My friend Calice and I, we are both teachers had the whole month of December for school holidays and as early as August, we have been planning what we can do. We did not really expect that we will be travelling just the two of us but who cares, Calice and I were quite okay and got along well during the 13-day trip to Seoul. Our main objective in the trip was to attend the Fun Korean Lesson Trip (FKLT) Program. It is a week-long program of learning the language, culture, people and their way of living in Korea. Well it was quite an interesting thing to do especially my interest with different languages of the world. Although its difficult be become a linguist but trying to learn some of the basic words and not to mention the Hangul characters (Korea’s National writing system)

Snowfall at Kyung Hee University

The Fun Korean Lesson is a 5 day school program with 2 extra days for arrival and departure in your home stay and is conducted at the Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea. It is offered to foreigners during the Winter and Summer classes. For details in this program, you may check this link below so you can find out their actual schedule for the remaining months of 2013. So the lesson consists of learning the Korean language, writing the Hangul system, speaking and basic conversation practice of the language, watching the tourists spots in Korean Dramas, learning K-Pop dance and at the end of the lesson, each will be given a certificate of recognition and will be done like it is an actual graduation day.
Kyung Hee University in Seoul

Trying Korean Local Food that is really really spicy

The most interesting part for me is the home stay program, when you join this FKLT Program, you are required to stay and live with a Korean family for 7D/6N and they will feed you breakfast every day. Aside from that, they will also show you how to wear their traditional costume. Our host was kind enough to extend their hospitality by taking us on a drive to Gangnam area, attended a local Christian wedding, shared lunch with them and brought us around a mall, they also send us to the Olympic Park. Living with this Korean family was such a very nice experience for us. I personally think that families who will join such program would definitely very kind people and not doing it just for the money they will get. For them, I think it’s a new experience too to have foreign guests in their own home and introduce Korean culture in the way the locals know.
Our homestay hosts

And of course, I was told that the Winter classes are better than the Summer classes so you have the advantage of the cool weather. Summer in Seoul can be really hot especially now.

Temples and Palaces in Seoul

Seoul Olympic Park

Street food at Namdaemun

N Seoul Tower

Jisan Ski Resort

With my classmates at Jisan Ski Resort

December 13 – 23, 2012
Seoul, South Korea


  1. Hi,

    I would like to know how did you go about joining this program? Did you join via the agency PlusPlanner? Or did you book thru the school on your own?


    1. Hi. well we signed directly to the FKLT Coordinator which is on Facebook Page of Korea Tourism ORganization Singapore. You try to access their FB page and you will find out more. Then they will forward you to an agent in Seoul who will coordinate with you with all the processing. They were all helpful and speak good English.

    2. Also, I think you can not go directly to the school as they have authorized agents to help you do so. Just check their FB page.