Monday, July 8, 2013

And So I'm Back.

It has been 3 years since I last had an entry on my blog. I am wondering what kept me busy. Well as you may know I am a teacher. I teach children with special needs and have been in this profession for 5 years. I am not blaming my job that I didn’t get to write. I wanted to write but was quite lazy to do so. Then Facebook came so I kind of lost my interest to blogging and just ventured to writing notes and stories on my photo albums about the things I have done. But now I have a lot of time to spare to update this blog. I have left Singapore and moved to Jakarta about a month ago. (Well the Singapore story will come to you in a later time) I am quite not busy these days so I decided to rekindle my forgone affair with I want to focus on my writing about travels and life experiences since I left the Philippines last May 2008. That decision to leave the country gave me a different perspective of how I should see life. The last five years was a whirlwind of sort. I have had many experiences, surprises, made a lot friends and saw many places. But as what all Filipinos would say, “There is no place like home”, it is quite true unless you find a better place to start a new life. 

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