Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Ten Other Must See Places In The Philippines

These are my Top Ten Places To Visit In The Philippines that is not always a part of your travel itinerary. Why? This is because people, especially tourists, always go to the usual top tourist spots in the Philippines. My list may does not really cover everything in and around the Philippines and this is only based on places I have seen and would want to see. Many of you may wonder why my list is like this but it is actually for the benefit of those who are interested more on seeing the "what else" aside from your usual destination. I love art galleries, book shops, antiques and old and unique places that is why list goes on like this:

1. Batanes Group of Islands

One of the most typhoon-battered group of islands in the most northern parts of the Philippine archipelago during the monsoon seasons, Batanes is one of those tricky places to visit because of its location but is getting a lot of attention now because of the natural wonders it has to offer. Many of the places here can not be found in other parts of the country which makes truly magnificent and worth going. It is also on my list of places to see soon.

2. Pinto Art and Gallery Museum

This is another gallery that I have been meaning to visit but is highly recommended though but a very sophisticated with high-standard for arts friend of mine. If only I am based in the Philippines now, then I would be able to see this and other places on my list. Will update this one soon.

3. Church of Nuestra De La Asuncion, Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur

Among the baroque churches listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the Philippines, this one is the most neglected by visitors especially those travelling in the Northern Philippines. Everyone visits Paoay Church, which I have seen as well, but only few takes a turn a this majestic church in the town of Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. I also have to go back and see this place too.

4. BenCab Museum

Considered to be one of the most visited places in Baguio now beating out all the other traditional and cultural scenic spots in the city of Pines. This museum has been garnering thousands of visitors, special thanks to the celebrities who has been flocking this place which helps in boosting its visitors. But one must not be blinded by just the mere fact of the increase of high profile celebrities swarming this eclectic gallery, BenCab features a lot of different arts, paintings and other artifacts that is truly a delight to your eyes.

5. St Martin De Tours, Taal Town, Batangas

Considered to be the biggest church in all of Asia, this massive basilica seated in a quiet heritage town of Taal is also beginning to gain recognition from travel junkies in the Philippines. Many people would think that Taal is only associated to the tiny volcano within the lake within a dead volcano that is within the lake. But a few kilometers from the volcano is the town of Taal. This heritage town filled with antique houses, old museums and an undying "balisong-making" culture is also home to this gargantuan church frequently visited by local pilgrims. I have to visit this place soon and write a "walking tour" about this place to recommend to solo travellers.

6. Ayala Museum

The most posh museum in the Philippines owned by a private company and is definitely a must-see place for culture junkies who want to educate themselves about the Philippine history. It is best toured when you rent an audio guide while you tour the museum to be able to understand the Philippine history. Entrance fee is abit pricey for tourists but it is worth it. Like I said, it's a posh place.

7. Philippine Postal Building and the buildings in Escolta, Binondo and Quiapo, Manila

Gone are the days when Manila was in its hey. These old, neo lithic, gothic, french bla bla bla or whatever architectural terms they use has been ignored by many Filipinos today. Manila used to be the Makati CBD that we have now. I have seen these old buildings and if only, ONLY, there a time travel maching located anywhere for me to jump in and see the post-World War II Manila has become, I would. I would definitely jump in and never come back. I would love to see how we were used to be admired by other countries back then and I wished we have maintained it that way.

8. Bohol Bee Farm

This farm located in Panglao Island of the coast of Bohol is heaven. Yes. You have to see it to believe it. It is heaven.

9. My Breathing Space and Cubao Expo

Cubao has been considered as a scary place to many but somewhere hidden behind that Shopwise building in the heart of this area is a place called Cubao Expo. This is where the hippies or hipsters go but one does not have to be a hipster to appreciate this place. It is not crowded and it is a great place to shop for antique displays and furniture and other things used to be avaialble in the 50s, 60, and 70s.

10. The Manila Collectible (Intramuros) and Mt. Cloud Bookshop (Baguio City)

These two shops are two of the most sacred places to buy souvenirs (TMC) and children's books (MCB). Check out their facebook pages as I have nothing else to say but GREAT.

The Manila Collectible Co FB Page

Mt Cloud Bookshop FB Page

* I do not own any of the pictures posted here and were all links to other blogs and websites. I only used the photo for reference purposes. If you have any opinion or complaints about it, let me know and I will take it down.

If you have other places that I may be able to include, please do let me know so I can add it up.


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