Sunday, February 9, 2014

SG Five Years of Living Issue 1: Singapore Zoo

Singapore. I lived here for five long years and I just love this tiny red dot country in the world map. There are so many good things that happened to me here and I definitely learned a lot here, gained new experiences, developed new friendships and from here, I managed to travel to many beautiful places on earth. I can write so many things about Singapore but I want to talk about their zoos and other animal sanctuaries.

I do not have pet and I do not want to have one in any time soon. I read about the plight of so many activists about the lives of animals in the zoo specifically in other countries. In the Philippines, the battle between the local government and PETA for the freedom of a Sri Lanka-born elephant named Mali is still on going. I found out then that there are many animal care association or groups who fights for the right of these animals to live a normal life and get their freedom from such discarded living condition like the Manila Zoo for example. Mali’s condition, based on what I have read, is getting terrible each day. I remember seeing Mali about 8 or 9 years ago and honestly, I cannot how her condition was but all I know is that Mali is alone in captivity. And to be alone is all but sad.

In Singapore, the zoo is different. I have been to the Singapore Zoo for so many times that I could not count it anymore. And this place is heaven for the animals. The place is definitely clean. The housing condition of the animals is very nice. It is actually better than in the slums that I have elsewhere. And I do believe that the zoo has enough staff, facilities, food and medicines to take care of the animals in their habitat. I could say that the animals here are not in captivity as they do have a first world living condition. Although living in the wild is completely different from living in the zoo. I believe that these animals are still lucky because in this zoo, they are free from any danger that humans can do to them when they are in the wild.

Aside from Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park is also an amazing sanctuary for different types of birds. This is where I first saw birds such as Snowy Owls, Flamingos, Pelican and some other colourful birds that I have never seen in other places yet. Then they also have the Night Safari and River Safari which both I have never been to. I think I will find time to see the River Safari when I come back in March.

So for me, I believe that not all zoos should be closed down and set the animals free and put them in their natural sanctuaries. Singapore Zoo is an example of such places that takes good care of the welfare of the animals, educating the children and adults as well and a place that helps everyone learn how to take proper care of our pets and animals. There are other zoos that should be closed down because they do it only for profit and commercialization and does not care about the welfare of the animals. 


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