Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, Rizal

Yes. All I can say to myself when I finally get to see this amazing art gallery and museum. All Filipino artists works. Painting, sculptures and mixed media. The houses or villas in this compound are such a good sight to see. As people may call it, these place is just so instagrammable yet contains such great works of art.

I have 2 favourites but the other one is a tryptich artwork so that makes it four. three painting and one sculpture installation. The first one is Panalo by Freddie Montemayor. This tryptich artwork depicts the 3 events in a marathon. Done in black paint over white canvas. This was the best I have seen there.


And this sculpture installation that I can not figure out who made.

Help me find out who made this. and help me find the cat too.

jiogmeister 1.22.2017

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