Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bloomrooms: A gem right in the heart of dirt, dust and defecation.

I am apologizing in advance if you feel offended by the title of this entry but this was just how I felt after stepping out of this incredibly lovely hotel. I know it sounds contrasting but let me tell you about the great things first about Bloomrooms. We arrived at the hotel branch of Bloomroom at Arakashan Road around 7:00 am. Luckily they allowed us to check in early without any additional costs. We were very tired after the 12-hour overnight bus ride from Dharamsala and allowing us to check in early was just he best thing that happen to us so far in Delhi. The rooms are quite small but it is good enough for 2 persons. I am always in awe on how interior designers and architects make the best out of a small space. It did not feel small at all. Most furniture are attached to the wall to save space. The bathroom looked spacious enough because of the glass walls and mirrors. The use of yellow and white as its main colors were quite relaxing.

Aside from the rooms, they have a courtyard, a cafe and a well designed reception area connected with a spiraling staircase that seemed like it was an old Haveli modernized to look quite appealing. There are only 2 floors above the reception area so taking the staircase is quite a good way to exercise and enjoy the interior. They have a working lift as well if in case you need to carry heavy luggage.

The courtyard is quite appealing to relax as well. It's on the first floor of the hotel. They have sofas and lounge chairs to rest at but given the weather in Delhi at this time of the year, resting in the courtyard on daytime gives quite the humidity.

The cafe aptly named Re is a cozy looking restaurant which provides great coffee and pastries. They also have game boards available for use to those too bored to have a conversation.

There are only two things I did not like about this hotel. Despite it's gem-like stature for me, their breakfast buffet was just disappointing. I would suggest that they serve better drip or brewed coffee and more options for an actual buffet breakfast. It did not some like buffet at all. Or maybe just remove the use of buffet and just say breakfast included to avoid disappointment.

Another is the terrible location of the hotel. Yes, it does look like a stand-out among all the buildings and houses surrounding the area but staying at Bloomrooms does not necessarily mean I will just be at the hotel the whole day. I did not travel 7 hours from Jakarta just stay in the hotel. It was disappointing to walk from the hotel to the nearest Metro, New Delhi Station. We passed through filth, shit, garbage and a whole lot of spitting. Yes I know that this is a common sight in India but I just hope I knew about how close the hotel is to the slums before I booked it. There are still certain places in Delhi where you can avoid the filth and enjoy what remains to be the well preserved archaeological sites in this part of the world.

I still enjoyed my stay at Bloomrooms. But if I ever return to Delhi, I would probably stay in another branch the one which is close to Khan Market.

For reservations, visit their website at http://www.bloomrooms.com/


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