Friday, January 16, 2015

Le Petit Prince: Illustrations by Philip Giordano

There have been many books published about the different languages and illustration for the Le Petit Prince. As a beginning collector and art enthusiast with about less than 50 books in my collection, I feel the sense of finding differently published books of Le Petit Prince especially those with great illustrations. I definitely like the first illustration did by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, no doubt about that but there are recent works like the Korean Edition and Bilingual Comics (Bahasa Indonesia) where they gave a different touch on the original work of Exupery. (See link to access the other books) I have also tried some sketches myself although not as a complete version of the entire book.

But just recently, I found out about this Italian Illustrator Philip Giordano who created a different yet great artworks of the book. I have not found the actual book and only found the pictures so I am uploading it here. I'm going to have to make an online-wide research to be able to get my hands on this amazing illustrations.

These are some of the original artwork of Philip Giordano for Le Petit Prince:

Here is an excerpt about Philip Giordano's bio taken from his blog.

Philip is an Italian illustrator born in  a small coastal town in Liguria ( Italy), of a Philippine mother and Swiss father. He attended the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, studied illustration at the IED ( European Institute of Design ) and subsequently gained a Masters in Animation Techniques in Turin.
He  recently  moved to Japan.

Philip works for magazines and cover books,  toys design,   children' s books and animation.
His picture book have been translated in many country, including Japan, France, South America, United Kingdom, China, Spain,Portugal.
His work has been Selected to appear in the American illustration annual book,  Communication Arts Illustration Annual,  3x3 illustration Annual,  "Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards",
Society of illustrator 56 exhibition and catalogue.


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