Thursday, May 15, 2014

Watercolor Painting Series

These are some of the recent works I have done. Watercolor and Pencil Sketching. Some, like I mentioned on my previous post, were inspired on paintings I have seen on Pinterest. 

Waiting For My Flight. An original concept I had using water color on canvass paper.

Bird paintings. A design I saw on Pinterest but tried on a different color and style to make it mine.

I Heart Philippines. An original concept which represents things I miss about the Philippines.


Print Painting. This is not an original concept and I saw it on Pinterest too posted through I think. I just loved the idea so I had to make one for my self.

Penguin. An original idea I had of Print Painting.

Owl. An original sketching of an owl I have.

Among all these works, I think it's the Print Painting and Urban Sketching (the one that I really want to learn about) are two of what I will definitely work on to improve my arts. I really like the Print Painting (Owl and Bird) as it is quite a different concept that not many artists are doing.


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