Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bookstores in Town: Mt. Cloud Bookshop

There is not a lot of great bookstores in the Philippines aside from the usual giant bookstores that we see in the malls. In Manila, it is quite hard to see a bookstore that once you enter, you will feel like being transformed into another place. When I visited Baguio, I made it a point to include a visit to Casa Vallejo where Mt Cloud Bookshop is located. And yes, this small, two level bookshop was indeed mesmerizing. Most of their collection are for children but they also other English and Tagalog Fiction and other books published by local press.

I just immediately loved the place upon seeing it. It was a different world when you enter. I love how they have a lot collection of Tagalog and Philippine-related story books. We have embraced the English language well that we have forgotten our own mother tongue. some people think its "baduy" to read books in Tagalog but what we are forgetting is that we were born with the Filipino tongue. For me it is not bad to learn to speak English or even other languages but do not forget to remember and love your own language.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop is a must visit for book lovers out there. And bring along your friends too and encourage them to read books in Tagalog and Philippine-themed books. I brought my friends there and they liked the place and love that they had such books that they never see in the usual bookstores in Manila.

My friends that I brought along to see the bookshop

Mt. Cloud Bookshop is located at the historic Casa Vallejo in Baguio City.

Their address is Casa Vallejo, Upper Session, 2600 Baguio City
Phone number is +63 74 424 4437


J Gerald C Legaspi is the Filipino author of and is currently working and travelling in and around South East Asia but spends most of his time in Jakarta, Manila and Singapore.

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