Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And again. Merry Christmas!

This weekend I will be away again for about 9 days before heading home. I will probably not have enough time at all to write so I am writing ahead now. I will be going to Nepal. This is probably the most exciting trip this year because this is a completely different place this time from where I always get to travel. No more East Asia, Southeast Asia and Indochina for me. It is time to conquer the land of, well, himalayas? Excitement pours in as I get to see pictures of snow-peaked mountains of Everest, Andalucia and the Himalayas. I have also been imagining the places to be seen like Kathmandu, Bakthapur and Patan and all their centuries old durbars. Then a bus ride to the countryside to visit the birthplace of Siddharta Gautama or widely known as the first Buddha. Nepal is a Buddhist country so it should be friendly.

Anyway, I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Make sure you celebrate it with your loved ones.


J Gerald C Legaspi is the Filipino author of akosiherardo.blogspot.com and is currently working and travelling in and around South East Asia but spends most of his time in Jakarta, Manila and Singapore.


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