Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Game Of Thrones Books

I finally finished reading this series and it's just an incredibly long story. Entertaining and just mesmerizing with how George R.R. Martin can think of all these stories tied up altogether. My goodness is all I can say. I was actually on the verge of giving up when reading the last part of 5th book as I was already dragging myself to read the book but then I told myself that I have to. I need to know what happens to the rest of the characters. Yes so many characters perished as I read through the 3rd and 4th books. So many that I would not tell you who are they. But of course to reward myself for painstakingly reading through these books, I am just gonna list down some clues on what happened at King's Landing, Winterfell, Storm's End, Casterly Rock, Dorne, the 9 Free cities across the narrow sea, The Wall, The Others Behind The Wall and so many other things. Many parts of the book may not be presented in the tv series but I think the show is doing good in presenting the story. So here it goes. Do not read if you are not willing to find out who are left. But I'm not going to mention names.

1. Somebody choke to death but actually was poisoned then died.
2. Two characters were accused of poisoning this somebody.
3. One of them was held but managed to escape.
4. The other one escaped without knowing how the poisoning happened
5. There's a new protector of the realm.
6. Somebody became blind but it was just sorcery so later on, that somebody got the eyesight back.
7. Somebody learned how fly its animals.
8. The hand of the king was murdered and found a whore next to the hand of king murdered. (But take note that there will be changes in the hand of the king)
9. This maid was sent to another quest. Then this maid almost died but at the end of Book 5, the maid is alive.
10. This character famous for his dick still survives even at the end of Book 5

Well so many things happened. I heard Season 4 of GOT will focus on the 2nd hald of Book 3 and bits of Book 4. I imagine that there rest of the stories until the end of Book 5 will reach until Season 6 or 7. Then George R.R. Martin is still writing 2 more books. the Book 6 aptly titled "Winds Of Winter". Well after 5 books of saying "Winter is Coming", winter finally arrived.


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